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A home away from home.

Switzerland, the country where tradition meets innovation. Twenty-six cantons awaitto dazzle you with a variety of sightseeing and experience highlights, and to score points through their history,culture and cuisine as well as their business and lifestyle. In five select and wonderfulSwiss towns, we are waiting to welcome you and make you feel like you’re in a home away from home.

Experience Switzerland

In love with Switzerland

Mountains, rivers, meadows and lakes conjure up a calming image in the eyes of our guests,and make the hearts of our citizens beat a little faster. But Switzerland offers more thanjust beautiful landscapes. Here, tradition meets modernity.Custom, reliability and precision, evident wherever you look, are paired withSwiss flair, an eye for the extraordinary and our own very special atmosphere.With us, you can enjoy Switzerland with all your senses and exactly as you wish. 

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Guests as friends

Let your eyes wander, drop your luggage, and relax. We’ll take care ofthe rest. Whether you visit us as a couple, a family, or a group of friends, and whether you’re on a city break,a river cruise, a long weekend, a skiing trip, a shopping tour, whether you’re just passing throughor here for the long haul, with us you’ll feel rightat home.

Enjoy typical Swiss hospitality in our hotels and leave your everyday cares behindin the place you usually call home. No doubt they’ll still be waiting for you when you return with yourluggage full of new impressions, plenty of relaxation and countless experiences assouvenirs.

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Organisation and Swiss precision

Organisation and Swiss precisionHere, professionals work for professionals. We do our job so that you can do yourssuccessfully. Need a reliable, accurate, service-oriented and flexible partner for yourbusiness? Then build on our Swiss values, which reflect exactly this. Whether it’s in the form of a specialcheck-in, high speed wireless internet connection for your conference calls, room service orspecial support services, meeting rooms and technology, or catering for yourbusiness partners, we are here for you. Before, during,and after your stay with us, we guarantee attention to detail and top quality.

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Relax and let us take care of everything

You already know us, and want to share the pleasure with someone elseand pass on your experiences? With our vouchers, you are giving a taste of our country, its history and traditions,relaxation and culinary enjoyment, experiences, service, quality, and carefree times -with us, you are giving a piece of Switzerland.The value of the voucher is irrelevant, as we are just as happy to fulfil small wishesas large ones.

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