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The perfect combination of precision and lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone by your side to help you prepare, develop andpresent your meetings, conferences or company events? We’re not talking abouta fairy godmother, rather professionals, experts on all things Swiss, and many dedicated heads, hearts andhands.

Feel our passion for your business and allow us to turn your event into a special experience,whether large or small. Professional yetpassionate


We turn meetings into occasions

We love details as much as you love your business. Thoroughly thought out, well planned, and armed with solutions forevery eventuality. As precise as a Swiss watch, so that it doesn’t strike 13 duringyour meeting. We look forward to hearing your wishes, and are also on the spot with adviceto ensure that you tease out the best from your session. Make the most of our team’sknow-how, and let us be your companion, sparring partner or wing man as you coach your team successfully to thefinish line.

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Experience more than just business

Crown your event with an experience and turn your meeting into anunforgettable Swiss “happening”. When it comes to collating suitable ideas andcontacts, our events team is on the ball and to the point.

How about a cookery class, a mountain tour or bike excursion, a meadow picnic, climbing, tobogganing, a vineyardvisit, or a workshop focusing on cheese, chocolate or soap? Or maybe a city tour withdinner on a boat, or even in one of our historic tramcars? We are happy to help you with theorganisation, or simply to provide the suitable lunch provisions.

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The location makes the meeting

Visual appeal is an important factor, and that starts with the location. Structure, daylight,technology and the necessary support tools in the right place. In all of our Swiss hotels,you’ll find the perfect ambience to suit your event. That might beoverlooking the roofs of the city, close to the centre and trade fairs, in the mountains surrounded by nature, wrapped inculture and baroque style, or on the shores of a lake. All of our locations have certain thingsin common, however: state-of-the-art equipment, flair, and professionals available to support you on-site. 

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Tastes are different 

Standard fare and uniformity might suit many tastes, but not all. Depending on your event,whether it’s a meeting, an anniversary, a birthday celebration, a wedding, a seminar, a client event or a press conference,our kitchen is happy to conjure up a personalised menu to tickle the tastebuds of your guests.We are happy to implement themes for the food and/or drinks, in the same way that we are happy to cater to your personal preferences.

Should it be an aperitif, or something cosier? A banquet or a lunch buffet? High tea, or a several-coursemeal? Finger-licking fondue or molecular gastronomy? In addition to our classic tailored offerings, which we have developed through our own experiences, we are also happy to join you inletting our imaginations run free and mixing it up in the kitchen. Something we never compromise on, however,is our use of top-quality Swiss produce and our high standards.

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