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Beautiful Switzerland - - Official website

Beautiful Switzerland - - Official website

Beautiful Switzerland - - Official website


Experience Switzerland

Pure nature combined with business and lifestyle

Nestled between the Alps and the Jura Mountains, this is the meeting point for different European culturesand three languages. No other country offers such quality of life and so much diversityin such a small space. In addition to imposing mountains, glaciers, passesand meadows, there are countless rivers and more than 1,500 lakes. Custom and tradition arewoven into our everyday life, and our gastronomy owes its diversity tovarying local traditions.

With its close ties to nature, not only is Switzerland one of the most beautiful andvaried spots for holidaymakers, it is also the hub between northern andsouthern Europe, a status that has been further cemented by the opening of the longest railway tunnelin the world. Spanning 57.1km, the Gotthard Tunnel now forms the centrepiece of the European Rhine-Alpine corridor.

So, regardless of whether you’re here on business or pleasure, your journey to us and ourfive locations throughout Switzerland will be faster than you think!


Historic and romantic

Historic and romanticBaroque lovers and nature fans alike get their money’s worth in Solothurn. This populardestination is one of the most beautiful baroque cities in Switzerland. Countless buildings, monuments,fountains, chapels, castles and museums in the region are gently caressedby the surrounding nature. Immerse yourself in a different era, soak up the nostalgicSwiss atmosphere, sit by the river’s edge and let the sense of another timewash over you.In neighbouring Altreu, the “stork village”, hikers, leisure cyclists and mountain bike tourers alikecan observe flocks of these proud birds. 

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Three countries, yet still pure Switzerland

This pocket-sized “big city” is cosmopolitan, international and modern, thanks to theborder triangle, university, companies and trade fairs located here. Yet it also maintains itstraditional feel, with plenty of culture, history and Swiss charm. The city offers nearly 40 museums with spectacularexhibitions, Art Basel and Baselworld, the old town, the cathedral, countless bridges andferries, the Basel “Fasnacht” carnival, shopping streets and hidden boutiques, concerts, markets, festivals,and the “Buvetten” or kiosks on the banks of the Rhine.

And if that’s not enough, the city has a few surprises up its sleeve. Did you know that there are over 200fountains here, or that in the summer the Baslers love to swim in the Rhine?

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Modernity with quality of life

This world-famous metropolis, small yet buzzing, is an important economic and cultural hubas well as being Switzerland’s biggest city. Here, you will find everything you expect of a compact big cityand much more besides. Without a doubt, the prettiest “extras” include the old town, ZüriLake, the beautiful scenery, the mountain backdrops, and a large slice ofquality of life. Here, business is every bit as important as leisure, and can be felt inevery corner of the city.When you’re in Zürich, don’t just stick to the large, well-known streets -get off the beaten track and wander down one of the many side streets or narrow alleysto come across a bit of Swiss friendliness and serenity.

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Dolce far niente, Swiss-style

In Locarno, allow yourself to be enchanted by Mediterranean charm mixed with Swisshospitality. Ticino is calling! Palm trees, chirping crickets, lakes, hiking routes, narrowalleys and street markets, top-class events and dreamlike backdrops which can be enjoyed by boat, motorbikeor classic car, fantastic cuisine, and to top it all off, the most hours ofsunshine in Switzerland.You won’t get closer to the “Italian” way of life anywhere else in Switzerland. Celebrate the delightof “sweetly doing nothing”, let go and simply “be”.

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Breathe in the mountains, feed your soul

Fans of the outdoors will find that here their hearts beat a little faster, higher and further. Whether you’re up above or down below,on land, water, or in the air, getting active or enjoying quieter pastimes: in Engelberg, a whole lot ofSwitzerland awaits. Regardless of the season,your visit will be anything but boring. Take your pick from via ferrata, whey baths, chair lifts and gondolas, bike trails,ski touring, paragliding, wildlife watching, kayaking, rowing and countless otherways of discovering the region.Try out this special Swiss lifestyle, let us paint a smileon your face, and let the images live on in your memory. We are happyto help you put together your own personal “Engelberg experience”.

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